Related Projects

MAVIR Consortium (Improving multilingual information access and visibility over the network for the Madrid region)

The MAVIR Consortium is a research network co-funded by the Comunidad de Madrid inside the IV Regional Plan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation(IV PRICIT) and composed of a multidisciplinar team with researchers, technical personnel, linguists and documentalists focused on an integrative effort in the technological research, training and transference.

NAVIGA Project

Naviga is a pan-european project supported by the Eurostars Eurekas’s initiative, devoted to keep impaired and elderly people active and tuned with today’s society.

Development of data mining tools employing biological knowledge for clinical diagnosis

AIB2010PT-00353. R+D Internationalization National Program. Mobility Projects (Integrated Actions). The main objective is the design of new data and text mining techniques as reusable software components, able to integrate explicit knowledge coming from diverse clinical and biological sources, aiming at solving clinical diagnosis problems.

InNoCBR: Intelligent system for retrieving and classifying nosocomial infection cases

10TIC305014PR. Applied research Sectorial Programs, SME R+D, IT Sector. The main objective of this project is to deal with the nosocomial infection surveillance, as a IA-based classification problem, by combining different techniques employed on intelligent systems for the automatic nosocomial cases retrieval and classification, at the Ourense Hospitalary Complex.


REGPOT 2012-2013-1. EU Seventh Framework Program. BIOCAPS (Biomedical Capacities Support Program)


0447_TUBERCONTROL_1_E. POCTEP: Programa Operativo de Cooperación Transfronteriza España – Portugal 2007-2013.

BIDAMIR: BIomedical DAta Mining and Information Retrieval

Grant #TIC 07629. Excellence Rearch Projects of the Andalusian Government. The main objective of this project is the development of a clinical information intelligent system that will allow access to textual information and extract useful knowledge from structured data sources.